Little Minds at Work

licensed child care and pre-school



As a British trained nanny, and the owner of I did a lot of research on schools in the Bellevue area before deciding where to send my kids to day care. I wanted them to be in a warm and loving environment where the teacher takes pride in child development.

Little Minds at Work is the only day care that passed all of my tests. Cyndy Heffron, who owns and runs Little Minds at Work is fantastic. She is constantly going to classes to further educate herself and never stops thinking of new projects and activities to do with each child age group.

Every day includes a little "work" project, art, free play, circle time and outside play. She uses positive re-enforcement to keep the kids motivated and focused on what they are learning that day. Conflict between children is resolved by the encouraging the children themselves to talk to each other about the problem.

My son went to Little Minds at Work for two years until Kindergarten and my daughter still goes there. Both of my children have loved going to school, seeing all of their friends and playing with Miss Cyndy and her husband, John. Cyndy is the most loving, caring educator of children that I have had the pleasure to meet. If my daughter is sad or having an off day, Cyndy spends time helping her.

Cyndy doesn't hesitate to call me at home and let me know what is going on. If there are any behavioral problems, we work together to try and solve the problem. If you have any questions from a parents point of view please do not hesitate to call me.

- Samantha Nuxoll

I have known Cyndy Lipe-Heffron for about 10 years now; throughout these years, she has never ceased to amaze me with her incredible talent for educating young children.  Cyndy has a knack for working with all children, despite their varied ages, ability levels, and individual personalities, she makes everyday special and educational for her students.  With the patient and kind help of her husband, John, the two-person team strives to reach each child and provide enriching experiences throughout each day. 

Cyndy teaches a daily curriculum that varies with every new school year; the curriculum is always developmentally appropriate and challenging to each unique child.  She is an extraordinary early childhood educator who has literally changed our lives as working parents who are raising two young boys. 

            Our oldest son started at Little Minds when he was 2 years old and the youngest began his journey with Cyndy the day after he turned one!  Her consistency and relentless devotion to our children is the only way we can be successful in our routine lives of parenting and work. 

Thank you Cyndy for loving our kids and teaching them how to communicate and interact intelligently with their friends and family! 

-Amy Hess