Little Minds at Work

licensed child care and pre-school


Choosing Quality Child Care (40 minutes)


This video was created in a joint effort with Little Minds at Work, the Better Business Bureau, and is endorsed by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Information for this program was developed through extensive research, examination of consumer complaints, and interviews with; child care professionals, early childhood teachers, industry experts and related organizations.

This program will:

  1. Identify ways to locate child care

  2. Help you recognize quality in child care

  3. Show you how to evaluate child care environments

  4. Provide a checklist of questions to take with you when visiting child care programs


Indoor Child Care Environment (15 minutes)

Our indoor environment changes periodically to generate interest in the various learning centers.  We try to correspond with Weekly Themes and set the room up accordingly.  Other times we move the centers around and cycle in learning materials and favorite toys that we haven’t used in a while.